Saturday, 30 August 2014

August has almost blown away

It is now the end of August. It has been quite a hectic month. Currently we are experiencing freezing weather which always seems to happen when spring is trying to get it's groove on.

I now have a bucket of flowers. I think there are 103. This is still less than half way. I have been pondering about the border and the latest thought is to create a path around the flower bed. The idea that I have is to add some beads in between the "bricks" to be the dirt and stuff that you find in gardens. This thought too may not make it to the end of the quilt. This is the fun about doing your own thing, you can make it up as you go along.

I was playing in my sewing room and came across a bundle of cross stitch pictures that I stitched a few years ago. I had many framed, but these never made into a frame and onto a wall.
The question is should I stitch them into a quilt, make pillows out of them or just let them sit in my sewing room until such time as a fun idea actually arrives. I added all twelve onto my cross stitch page.

Flowers are starting to bloom in the garden. This is a yellow clivia that I grew from a seed that I bought from a botanical garden. Clivias grew for five years before they will flower. I suppose this makes you appreciate their flowering even more.
Hope you have an amazing weekend wherever you are. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Another year older

An array of fabric
Hey hey, I am another year older and have been given a bountiful spectrum of fabrics.
Look at the amazing spread. These are all Kona fabrics. We got them from the Fabricshack who handled the order with excellent efficiency. I can't wait to create a quilt using these reserved hues.

A fabulous T-Rex
My family have been fascinated by the fact that National Geographic has written an article saying that Dinosaurs had feathers. I love this idea and my youngest rendered her interpretation of a T-Rex as a gift to me. It is absolutely fabulous.

Have an amazing day.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Hail Augustus hail.

Let me seize on the moment to say welcome to the month of August. July is behind us and so is the coldest month of the year. I know that September is supposed to be the start of spring, but, I always hold out for blossoms in August. My sister and I have birthdays in August and for each birthday, my mother took photos of us with blossoms in the back ground. 

I have now made 71 flowers. This takes me to 32.13% This last week was very slow in the sewing department. Life truly does get in the way of leisure pursuits. Some weeks are just hectic and this last one qualifies. I am still enjoying making the flowers and new border ideas are being investigated. Just goes to show that earning a living by being logical, can seriously eat into the nonsensical. 

Work is excessively hectic at the moment, with deadlines looming.
This does not mean that I will give into pressure and work during home time. I strongly believe in having the correct work/ home balance. I get paid for a certain number of hours and I will always make sure that those hours are productive.
My sister and I a hundred years ago
It still does not solve the stress that is caused. The stress is actually all of the interruptions that need to be addressed. Oh to work in a quiet peaceful little bubble.

Quilting is a lively little bubble. I love the Zen quality of piecing fabric to fabric.

Have an amazing day.  

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