Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Q4 - Rachels star quilt


Q4 is to be a quilt for Rachel. She too wanted a quilt so all the quilts in my head shuffled up 1 place in my project phases and a quilt for Rachel took over Q4. Q4 is going to be for a single bed and reflects the fact that this is for a teenage daughter - all stars and interesting colour combinations.

The dates were as follows:     Design start date     - 6th of March 2011
                                              Piecing start date    - 8th of March 2011
                                             Top completed date - 1st May 2011
                                             Quilting completed - 1st July 2011
Stats                                     colours                   - 8
                                            blocks                     - 850
Here is the design:
The next evolution in the design. This may still happe a few moretimes until critical mass is achieved in making pieces at which time I normally quieten down and just sew.
Here is the material, soooooo pretty!

Update 17 march 2011
I have started stitching after sitting and covering 670 pieces of paper with fabric. It went much quicker this time as we purchased a paper guillotine and this really was a lot faster than cutting each piece of paper at a time. It took me 3 hours to stitch 1 and a half blocks which means I am going to need more than 100 hours to complete the top. Oh well that probably means that I will not be completing it this weekend.
Update 22 March 2011
Long weekend over... managed to complete 14 stars. 2 more and I am half way. Back to work and feeling grumpy,,that is the problem with long weekends - they are soo nice that going back to work sucks!!
Been many months but Rachels quilts is now complete.
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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Q3 - Stars and stripes

Q3 is an excercise in quilting, I designed it so there were large blocks for me to quilt as well as using up some diamond shapes I had over from Q2.

The dates were as follows: Design start date     - 15th of July 2010
                                              Piecing start date    - 17th August 2010
                                             Top completed date - 30th December 2010
                                             Quilting completed - 7th of March 2011

  Statistics                             Blocks                    - 814
                                            colours                    - 67       

This is how I did the design

And this is how is eventually came out.

THis is the quilting that I did on it.

Q2 - Swirl


Phase 2 of my quilt project was to be a swirl. I wanted the colours of the rainbow graduating from light to dark.

The dates were as follows: Design start date     - 18th of April 2009
                                              Piecing start date    - 20th May 2009
                                             Top completed date - 9th July 2010
                                             Quilting completed - 15th of August 2010
                                                      colours 160
blocks 1917

This is how I did the design
 This is half way there
 Top finished and pinning quilt. Nice husband helping!
 The finished quilt

I like this picture the most

Q I - optical Quilts


Starting on the 1st of january 2009 I decided to make Quilts again, The Q series is viewed as phases of a project. So Phase one was an optical illusion quilt.
The dates were as follows: Start date                 - the 1st of january 2009
                                             Top completed date - 16th of March 2009
                                             Quilting completed - 17th of May 2009

This quilt was hand stitched and hand quilted, This is how closely I quilted this one.
This was a fun quilt to do.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


I love beads especially little glass ones. They feel cool to the touch and are fun to roll your hand over when they have been created into an item.

Here are a few beaded Items that I have sewn. I don't know what i will do with them in the future but they are pretty to look at.

and then there are the butterflies

Heart are pretty too

 this was going to be added to a glasses case

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Q9 Rachels baby quilt


I started this quilt shortly after finding out that I was pregnant with my youngest. This quilt is hand stitched from fabric from previous projects as well as many of my husbands old shirts. By the time I finished this I was as round as a barrel and almost ready to have her. This quilt took me 9 months to do and the quilting is very light(ok almost non existant) but I did think of her the whole time I was making it.

Hello world

When learning a new language all programmers first thing is to write a program that either displays or prints Hello world, once this is done the rest is easy so


I will now add an arb picture so there is something to see.

Getting started

as all good programmers say when starting a new thing: Hello world

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